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Help us map civic engagement initiatives in Georgia


We have been commissioned by the donor, the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs to evaluate the engagement of the Czech Republic in promoting democracy, human rights and societal transformation in Georgia. See the recommendation letter.

Do you know a great initiative towards higher engagement of civil society in public affairs and higher transparency in Georgia?

Let us know here. Based on your inputs, a field mission will be held from 15 September 2014 to collect detailed data about the key initiatives and create case studies. Finally, a full evaluation report with Czech projects as well as other initiatives will be available latest in December 2014 at www.mzv.cz and on this website. It will provide key conclusions and recommendations for future projects.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Inka Píbilová, Monika Přibylová and Elene Margvelashvili

About a recent evaluation in the Czech media

Gruzie (ilustrační foto). Foto: Reuters

We have recently evaluated the Czech project Prevention and early detection of cancer in Georgia.

Our key conclusion was that though awareness was raised in target rural areas and a demand for check-ups increased, treatment often did not take place or was inadequate. So we recommended to enhance radiotherapy in Georgia to give women the chance to survive. Read the full report here.

This evaluation even attracted Czech media – see article and the discussion here.

Photo: Reuters via Aktualne.cz

How to enhance quality of evaluations?

This year´s conference of the Czech Evaluation Society focused on quality of evaluations, impact evaluations as well as experiences of the non-profit sector in the Czech Republic. Links to presentations are available here.

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